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  Introduction to UX at Google Campus

Introduction to UX at Google Campus

I have been teaching at GA since 2015. I absolutely love teaching and I can't do without it. I think that there is nothing better to keep in touch with the latest trends of the industry and keeping alert. General assembly has given me many opportunities and I intend on keep growing and perfecting my classes. It is an incredible way to be in touch with the community and discover new talents. 


My Way 



On Saturday 6th of January I participate in an eye opening Hakathon. Design Jam and General Assembly paired up to organise the first London Design Jam. Our brief was to design a product to help the visually impaired to re-orientate themselves. 

In a team of 5 we design in 8 hours an app suitable for iPhone and Apple Watch that aimed to help visually-impaired people find their way on their own by informing them where they are and where they have been.


UX Tool Box

  • Paper Prototype
  • Wireframes
  • Digital Mockup
  • PresentationSoftware Used
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Interview
  • Lean  User Research 
  • Task Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Design Studio


Smash The Vote!


In Short

On April 23rd and 24th I participated to Hack the Vote. This Hackathon was an initiative of London First and aimed to come up with a digital solution to entice the 18-24 to register and vote for the EU referendum. I had an app idea and I was lucky to be able to pitch it and find really interesting people to work with me on it. We came up with Smash The Vote and Bite The Ballot as well as London First are interested in taking our app to the next stage. I am really excited to share our work and the case study is on its way.