From Digital Margeting to UX Design

I am a young UX Designer with a background in Digital Marketing and Branding. I am originally from South of France, but I have lived in Lyon, London, Montreal, and New York. I have been back in London for more than a year now and I am looking to apply my digital and UX skills within a team in a collaborative environment. 

How did I come to do UX?

I have always been interested in UX; I started to really read about it in my third year of University. I studied marketing and advertising and started my career in digital marketing thanks to a great internship in an agency in Canada. 
After working in digital marketing for four years I craved for more. I have always loved the strategy and the interaction with the users in social media, however, I always wanted to be involved in an earlier stage of the product.  

Moreover, I have been raised in an entrepreneurial and creative environment so the standard management system was not really suiting me. The more I read about UX the more I learnt about lean and agile.
When I discovered the UXDI course at General Assembly I knew straight away that it was what I have been looking for. I soon realised during the course that it was the best decision I have ever made. I finally found something that was using all my abilities as a person and as a professional. I love the collaborative environment around that discipline and GA, thanks to their culture, is the perfect place to learn. I can't wait to start my career as a UX Designer. Our last project with a real client was an amazing experience for me. We realised that in two weeks we were able to produce a solid UX project for TechHub. I am now confident enough to call myself a UX Designer and get out there for more projects and keep learning. 

Places I lived in.

I love traveling, and I have been lucky enough to always be able to travel. However, I think that the best experiences are when you have the chance to really live somewhere and blend in. 


I was born in the South of France, in Montpellier. I have to confess I often talk about it. It is one of my favourite subjects of conversation, especially that my parents have a winery and I love to share my knowledge of South of France Wines. 

I did my studies in Lyon in French American University in Management and Marketing. I had some of the best moments of my life in that town. If you are a foodie, Lyon is the place to be for you, as it is a gastronomic capital. 


I took a gap year before finishing my degree in New York and I found a great internship at a Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal, Hashtag Media. These 6 months really started my career in Social Media, and I learned a lot. I was in charge of a dozen of client from really various industries and it gave me the confidence to  continue in this career. 


I finished my study and Advertising & Communication BBA at Pace University in New York. I spend a year there, living in Chinatown. I absolutely loved it. I was cycling everywhere and it helped me to really discover the city. I loved to stroll by the east river, and I used to cycle around central park to blow some steam from my courses.


I decided I'll live in London when I was 12. I had two trial runs at 17 and 18 years old. As soon as finished my studies I ran back to London to settle. It has been more than a year now and I plan to stay for quite a while. I love the open minded atmosphere of that city and there is always something to discover, or someone to meet. 

Born In Montpellier

I am orginally form Montpellier South of France and that is why I have the "energetic" personality type that comes with South of France.


Community Manager, Hashtag Media, Montreal

After my third year of university I took a gap year to gain some professional experience. I knew I wanted something in digital marketing and I also wanted to travel. Luckily I found a placement at Hashtag Media. At the time there were a young social media agency. I am happy to say that they are doing great now. I managed social media portfolio for a dozen of clients from various industries. I created original strategies, visual content and contest for various social media platform. Finally, I developed a commercial blog to give access to influencer at our clients (3Filles, 1Ville).

Pace University BBA: Communication and Advertising, New York

After my gap year I was ready to finish my degrees. Indeed, degrees because by graduating from CEFAM and Pace University I had two degrees. A master in Global Marketing from CEFAM and a BBA in Communication and Advertising from Pace University. This year in New York was amazing! My classes included: Advertising, Web Design, Business Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Media Planning, Special Event Marketing, Marketing Management.

Studio Manager, The London School of Media Makeup, London


This experience was amazing for me as I am passioned about the industry. I had the chance to meet amazing people. I managed of the Studio and the school. I was in charge of the marketing and communication strategy, the good functioning of the school and the studio. In addition, I was teaching self branding, and digital marketing to the students and also initiated the re-branding of the School.


Hackathon by Design Jam, Designing for The Visually Impaired

Our brief was to design a product to help the visually impaired to re-orientate themselves. In a team of 5 we design in 8 hours an app suitable for iPhone and Apple Watch that aimed to help the visually-impaired find their way on their own by informing them where they are and where they have been.


100 Shapes Adventure

Go find out about this adventure here


Master 1 in Marketing at CEFAM, Lyon

I started my Global Marketing study in a French - American University, the CEFAM in LYON, France. Classes (All conducted in English): E-Marketing, International Marketing, Management, International Management, Art History, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business Law, Finance, Politics, Statistics.

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Digital Development Consultant, GGL Groupe, Montpellier

After Canada I needed some time to rest so I came back home to South of France. I still wanted to gain experience though, so I find a consultancy Job and did a bit of freelance. GGL is an historic company in Montpellier. They create and built places to live for more than 30 years. I was consulting on their new website design. I handed a report on how to modernise and update their communication strategy. I also developed awareness about social media on a personal and professional point amongst the employees. Finally, I developed and implemented a satisfaction survey.


Social Media Manager at Avenue Story, London

I consulted for Avenue Story for a Month. I updated and managed their social media with a more engaging strategy that involved more visual. I also gave their team an app toolkit to create simple visual for the Social Media strategy after my departure.


The Change Of Career - Welcome to GA!

This course change my life! I loved my previous job, but I was craving for more. I always been interested in UX and I was right! I finally found something where I am able to design and spend a fair amount of time geeking on my computer but also have field work and human interaction. UXDI is a ten-week immersive prrogramme where we learned and implemented UX principles such as user research, design, prototyping and iteration processes in the lean and agile methodologies. There are 5 projects during the course, including a final real client project. The client project is a 2-week agile sprint as a ux design consultancy team. I will let you browse my portfolio to discover my projects.


Hack The Vote Hackathon.

With my team of 5 we designed in less than 2 days an app to help the 18 - 24 to register and vote for the European Referendum. The case study is coming soon!